We create custom applications that are Business-Centric

Businesses and enterprises today have many moving parts. Trying to make sense of how these moving parts work together to benefit and advance your organization is a constant challenge for managers and administrators.

This is where QueCentric provides solutions.

In the modern workplace off-the-shelf software solutions, like accounting or CRM software, can meet some but not all of an enterprises' unique needs. This "one size fits all" approach provides — at best — a partial solution. Businesses today are diverse in their mission, in their customer base and in how they operate. They need operations and management solutions tailored to fit the unique ways they operate.

QueCentric builds custom software applications with an emphasis on providing ease of use for employees, cost-effectiveness and security. We also provide management tools to permit workstations, mobile devices, servers and third-party APIs to integrate seamlessly for a workforce on the move.

Let's discuss your custom application today with a free consultation.

Integrate and Simplify Complex Processes

QueCentric can help bridge the gap between off-the-shelf solutions with third-party integrations in your custom application. In other words, we can help simplify your business life through robust office automation strategies while using the same cornerstone applications including QuickBooks, Oracle or cloud providers such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. QueCentric helps you access your company data not only to create more insightful reports and detailed deep analytics, but to automate many day-to-day tasks and operations in a secure environment.

Our integration work solves user experience issues with existing applications and can streamline functions previously unavailable on mobile devices. We can create everything from a Customer Relations Management (CRM) module for your salesforce, update your human resources database or help create the perfect warehouse management tool to track your inventory.

We Take a Holistic Approach to Your Solution

QueCentric helps make sense of information technology challenges — we offer consultation on projects of all sizes, and we've worked with small businesses as well as large government and educational institutions. We take a broad look at how your new application impacts your organization as a whole — including accessibility, portability and security. We strive to position your solution so it is "future proof," in other words ensuring your application can adapt to inevitable advances in technology. We can deliver the right kind of expertise so that your custom solution is completed on time and on budget.

Your business success is central to our success.

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